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Canada's Privacy Community Contributes to Copyright Consultations

Canada's Privacy Community has welcomed the Government of Canada's public consultation regarding copyright reform, and recently made a submission outlining our concerns about the encroachment of copyright protections on the privacy rights of the Canadian public.

Canada's Privacy Community Calls for Copyright Consultation

Canada’s Privacy Community has written to the Ministers responsible for Canadian copyright policy, urging them to consult broadly prior to introducing copyright legislation that may undermine Canadians’ privacy and security rights.

Privacy Commissioner of Canada Links Privacy and Copyright

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has again raised concerns with the federal government with respect to the potential privacy implications of proposed revisions to the Canadian Copyright Act. In a letter dated January 18, 2008, the Commissioner notes that both anti-circumvention laws and ISP subscriber data retention obligations raise significant privacy concerns for Canadians, and invites the government to avail itself of her office’s assistance.

CIPPIC Publishes Digital Rights Management Technologies Report

In September 2007, the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic published a report entitled “Digital Rights Management Technologies and Consumer Privacy.”, accompanied by a press release.

Canada's Privacy Community Speaks Out on DRM, Copyright

On Wednesday, May 16, 2006, we sent an open letter and our Background Paper to Minister of Canadian Heritage Bev Oda and Industry Minister Maxime Bernier voicing our concerns with the use and proposed legal protection of “digital rights management” (DRM) technology in Canada.

Canada's Privacy Commissioners Voice Concern over Legal Protections of DRM

In separate letters to Minister of Canadian Heritage Bev Oda and Industry Minister Maxime Bernier, Canada's privacy commissioners have voiced their concerns with the privacy implications of DRM technologies and proposed legislation to offer such technologies legal protection. Letters were sent from the federal commissioner (English / French), as well as commissioners for Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

New Era Of Management Systems

As of now there are so many new things happening in the business front. You have to be well updated and well knowledgeable for you to make major advancements in the business industry. The need of the newest and the best technology for business grows with every passing day. Click Hook is one of the major inputs that comes in very handy for any business seeking to find the best ways to improve from where they are and move forward to other fronts. You have to be on top of the technology game for you to advance to greater heights. The white label management system comes in very handy for you in such times.

White label lead management software is a major advancement that helps in identifying which are the best leads to follow and which are the most ideal ones to go with. This way, you will be able to identify which ones to take up and which ones to cut loose. This is a major step when looking into the businesses you are dealing with. When identifying which customers you need to work with and which ones are best for you. You have to have a very ground of why that customer is better than the other on and why they will be more profitable to you.

With this type of software you will be able to manage and maximize your chances in a day of getting the business. You will now be able to work at your optimum and work to the best of your ability. This understanding has been of major help to very many businesses that make it their purpose to use the white label lead management software. Maximizing your business becomes your everyday move and you make it work for you.

In many cases a software that can be used to give you leads, help you find a way to keep your best customers and have more coming in and also give you a way to complement your services to keep your customers happy is a system that should be embraced by businesses all around. For that matter even the new businesses that are just coming in are advised to make sure they embrace this software make it their marketing and administration plan. This way, you are able to see how your business is doing and how good it is going on. That is the major part of any business you could be engaging in.

When engaging in such you have to also understand the advantages of using the system and how well it is useful and how handy it can be. With this systems, both your business and your workers will continue growing and hence you will continue growing. Through the identification of the best leads and the best ways to grow the company, your workers are also encouraged and continue bringing in more business. This is a good platform for them to grow and advance and understand the intricate matters of such a system.

The white label lead management software is a software that will enable for the workers and the business grow from where it is to a better part and version of itself. As time goes by, the understanding of how much it has done will be identified. There are several types of the white label lead software that are being used. All of which have been developed to help in business advancement. Some of those using it very often are people in businesses such as insurance in identifying people with a long time policy and who are low risk, which makes them very good for business. This is a great part of business.

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